Czech presence in FAIR becomes reality







The second meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the large research infrastructure FAIR-CZ was held in Vila Lanna on January 19th.


FAIR-CZ is the Czech contribution to an international endeavor, the construction of a new Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) built within GSI (Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research) near Darmstadt, Germany. SAC members, prominent international scientists Paolo Giubellino, James Rittman and Joachim Stroth, provided advice to the management and scientists of the Czech team realizing FAIR-CZ.


FAIR-CZ is implemented by a consortium of research organizations and Universities lead by Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (NPI). In agreement with the SAC members, Dr. Petr Lukáš, NPI Director, expressed his expectations for an enlarged cooperation with the international community. “The Czech scientific community in nuclear physics is quite strong and deserves a better position within the FAIR infrastructure”, said Paolo Giubellino, joint GSI/FAIR Scientific Director.


FAIR-CZ is financed by a project from national funds, activity for large research infrastructures and a project from structural funds, Operational programme research, development, and education, both awarded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.