Irradiation of SiPM (APD) on cyclotron          in Řež







Radiation hardness of the components of the CBM Projectile Spectator Detector (PSD) is studied in detail. High intensity beams at FAIR SIS100/300 of up to 1E6/1E7 interactions/s lead to a high radiation emission to the PSD producing a high neutron fluence of up to 4E12 n/cm2 accumulated during only one year of experiment operation. The radiation hardness of the silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) to be used for the light readout is the main topic of the current research as they are the most radiation sensitive components.


Irradiation experiment on NPI Cyclotron in Řež was performed in the framework of CANAM project at the end of November 2016. 10 pieces of the currently best SiPM candidates - Hamamatsu S12572-010P with a 10 m pixel pitch - were successfully irradiated with total fluxes of 1E12 n/cm2 and 3E12 n/cm2. Now, the laboratory tests of these devices are ongoing to study general characteristics such as change of dark current, breakdown voltage, noise and signal response to LED. Experimental tests of a similar CERN NA61 PSD calorimeter equipped with irradiated SiPM are foreseen in summer 2017.