Atomic, Plasma Physics and Applications - APPA


The APPA collaboration will use high intensity heavy and/or radioactive beams for wide range of various studies of materials and biology samples.

BIOMAT - Biology and Material Science

FLAIR - Facility for Low-Energy Antiproton and Heavy Ion Research

HEDgeHOB - High Energy Density Matter generated by Heavy Ion Beams

SPARC - Stored Particles Atomic Research Collaboration

WDM- Warm Dense Matter


Czech scientists work on biomedical part of the research in BIOMAT research program.

The Czech biomedical research will focus on optimization in ion cancer therapy - suppressing uncertainties of dose delivery caused by the presence of implants, CT artifacts, and motion organs, increase precision of dose calculation, and improve understanding of biological efficiency of the ion beam.

Possibilities of using radioactive beam 11C for cancer treatment will be studied.